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iPage Directory Listing

The goal of every web owners is to have their websites be more visible online especially for the search engines. With the variety of strategies, methods, and tricks to get visibility, it would be so hard to pick which one to go for. Good thing with iPage directory listing you need to worry about. Why? It is for the simple reason that directory listing forms part on every web hosting package of iPage. Guess what it's free!

The good thing with iPage is that they are geared towards web admins who are inexperienced and do not have any idea as to how to go about making their websites be seen by search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and many others. Thus, they come up with an added feature - the iPage Directory Listing. With this you need not to go through the hassle of manually submitting your website to various directory listings, wait for the approval, and waste your precious time.

Whether you get a $2.95/month or the $6.95/month package you will get the directory listing feature. As you can see, you will be able to get all the benefits of having your site hosted by iPage at the same time with an added feature of submission to directory listing. No other hosting companies can beat that! !

To give you an overview as to why you should go for iPage and get the iPage directory listing at the same time, read on. 

1. Directory listing lets you enjoy getting a much higher traffic in terms of clicks on your site's ads and even with impressions.

2. Directory listing lets you have higher page at the same time page reloads. 

3. Directory listing helps in improving the ranking of the keywords you have listed your website for. 

4. Directory listing will then help you achieve in getting higher sales revenue and lead to good branding (fast recall).

With iPage hosting plus the iPage directory listing (free) you will be able to tap the potential of using a web hosting package and reap the benefits in the weeks, months or even years to come. Other hosting companies will only offer you minimal features. Directory listing at times will be given to you for an additional cost. Unlike with iPage hosting, the directory listing feature is given for free. Therefore, not only you will have a good hosting service you will be able to enjoy a freebie - directory listing.

Basically, what iPage does is they make it much easier for inexperienced webmasters to have their sites be seen by search engines, gain more traffic and eventually have an increase in sales in the future. All these are possible when you go for iPage hosting. Whatever your budget is, your chosen hosting package is, and the directory listing is free! So, you need not to worry whether buying for a much expensive hosting package in order to get the directory listing for free.

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